Juneau's Community Theatre Since 1961
Juneau Douglas Little Theatre is a local non-profit community theater whose purpose is to is to entertain and involve as many community members through live theatre as possible.

Two Opportunities To Get Involved!

JDLT is putting on another full length show this January! We are looking for female actors to audition for some great parts! 
Please contact the director, Heather LaVerne, at heatherlaverne88@gmail.com for an audition slot or with questions. 

It's 24-Hour Miracle time! JDLT's favorite event, The 24-Hour Miracle, is happening October 22nd! 
We are looking for actors, writers, directors, and volunteers to help put on this exhilarating 24 hour theatre experience.
If you are interested in participating, please contact stacy@jdlittletheatre.org to sign up or with questions. 

Your play could be next!
JDLT is always looking for new material to produce, especially when it comes to locally written plays.
  • Do you have a play (or screenplay) that you have written that you want read or performed on stage?
  • Have you always wanted to act or direct something specific and never had the opportunity?
  • Is there a play you really want to watch but don't want to be involved at all?
 Please let us know if there is something you want to see on stage!